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To visit social Na Toothpick Tam duong district, Lai Chau, passing the long bridge north, through the Nam Mu fluted, international visitors have the visa Vietnam will be on the Na Luong beautiful. Today the Na Stream is inhabited by ethnic Lao feet high, rustic. The visitors will admire the paintings peaceful life with bold, beautiful, long cultural tradition life of the Lao ethnic group. Paintings covered in blue floral display bowl of jungle, extra points array of gold, iridescent of the rice terraces in the rice cooked, the array of white bobbing clouds, mountains, linger in it's brown wood forget of the roof floor 4 roof characteristic. 
Life here is not rush rush, as the place of the which peace to strange men, ethnic Lao feed his family, carpentry, basketry and fishing coastal rivers and streams. The ethnic Lao back good take care family, good planting, cotton planting mulberry, raising silkworms take the yarn to weave cloth. Life the sister, usually associated with loom, they are all diy costumes for himself and his family members. Each floral motifs, the are perseverance, patience, emotional woman for his family. Outfit they made, always keep the traditional with the predominant color is black, pattern their listings. On the festive occasion Bun baking soda, Nam, visitors are boobs, look at those girls, Laos wear traditional dress, I won't dance, tutu, lithe, beautiful in the drum, gong, flute friends, flute, busy, echoing in space, the lyrics are traditional encourage mental labor, pray for good weather, good wind, build cultural life in the village.
 Not only keep the dance traditional, ethnic Lao are still preserved, dyed black teeth. To have teeth black ball, strong and healthy, every morning after waking up, the evening before bedtime Lao women use the powdered fruit, “you naughtiness” heated-and rub onto the teeth. On the other hand to protect the teeth the longer women keep paan.
 In spring the air here even more excited and busy with the game folk throw, hit the chicken, push sticks. People fun to join, chat with each other funny voices bible-pounding echoing throughout the northwest. Visitors come to the Na Stream in addition to visiting the beautiful scenery, content to enter into life here, but curious about this odd name. According to the ethnic Lao, “Na” means field, “Flow” means dragon. This name may be derived from scenery, villages seen from above, the stream of Nam Mu running gentle under the bridge, bending around the terraces as the dragon of the sun down is located in the rice fields in the land of the Na Stream this. Peaceful scene that fanciful with the white smoke, staining the afternoon flying out from the houses looming on the slopes of the Na Stream do nao the hearts of many travelers.

Source: Du Lich

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